Protecting Your Blessings

I wrote this almost a month ago.. I wasn’t sure (and still aren’t sure) that I’m ready to be so transparent. But what the hell, I didn’t tell anyone about this blog yet so here’s goes nothing!

Okay.. first post of 2019! This is something that I feel is so important: Protecting your peace & blessings.

First things first, NOT EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY FOR YOU! With that being said, when you have good news, you don’t have to share it with everyone. Those who you would expect to be happiest for you will often disappoint. But you know what, that’s okay! What’s is for you, is simply that; for you. That means the joy, anguish, excitement, tears, heartache, love.. all of it is for you. So don’t be hurt for too long (or at all) because someone you love didn’t react in a positive way.

Secondly, IF THEY AREN’T HAPPY FOR YOU THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS. You are not responsible for anyone else’s feelings. Let me repeat that: YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE ELSE’S EMOTIONS!!!!! If you are happy, enjoy every millisecond of it because chances are,  you deserve that shit! As cliche as it is, life really is too short. Enjoy what you can, live in the moment, allow yourself to feel & heal, BE HAPPY!


Now, to whoever reads this (including myself), as long as whatever is making you happy isn’t harming to yourself or anyone else, F*ck everything else.


Until next time; Be you. Do you. LOVE YOU

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