You’re Going To Be Disappointed..

Disappointment is a part of life. But how do you handle it? That’s the importance of it.

I’ll be transparent with you all, I do not take disappointment well I’m working on it though! I’ll give you two examples of disappointments that are forcing me to grow.

1. I’m not pregnant yet. Every month I wait in vain wondering if this is it. Per my doctors orders, my boyfriend and I waited a couple cycles before we started trying again. The past few months have been torturous because I had been late and I’m NEVER late. All signs pointed to pregnancy but every test came up negative. I cried every time my period started.

2. Some of the people I love most never once asked was I okay after I miscarried. I am trying so hard to let go but they honestly broke my heart. So I’ve distanced myself from them.

Both things disappointed me. Both left me feeling uneasy and hurt. But both have made me stronger as well. I’m learning that disappointment is all about how you react to it.

You can choose to wallow in your self-pity or you can choose to tell yourself, “Shit happens. Either address it or don’t stress it”. I’m just now getting to a point where I don’t stress it. That doesn’t mean I won’t be sad if I get my period next month but that does mean that I will allow myself to feel the emotion and that I will release it instead of harboring it.

Learning to deal with disappointment makes life easier in the long run. Nothing will ever be perfect but you cannot let the imperfections dictate your attitude. Imperfect moments do not equate to a miserable life. We’re all human and we’ve gotta start cutting ourselves some slack, because honestly no one else will do it for you.

So back to my question, how do you handle disappointment? Could it be that the way you handle them is the reason you’re unhappy? I know it was for me. Just a thought.

Until next time, Be You. Do You. LOVE YOU 💜

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