Energy Is Everything

Today my energy is depleted. I have been tired ALL day. I gave 100% at work today and my customer skills were top notch as always, but ya girl is exhausted!!

I practiced some self-care the past two weekends. I spent time with my besties from college and I had a Sunday Funday with one of my best friends & my 3 nieces. I had such an amazing time but now I want to sleep for a month.

Depression for me has been full of highs & lows. People don’t realize that there are highs in depression. You can have SO much fun one day but be completely burnt out for weeks afterwards.

I’m learning that energy is very important and it’s even more important to pay attention to it. Today has not only left me with an empty tank, I am also SO emotional. For no particular reason I just felt overwhelmed with sadness for my baby.

I get frustrated with myself because it seems like I will finally get happy and then BOOM, I’m a complete emotional shit-show.

You have to be in-tune with yourself. You have to know your limits. You know when to turn off your phone and just sit in silence sometimes. Life happens but in the words of someone I love dearly, “one breath at a time”. (Check out her book

So this weekend I plan to try and unplug during my mother-daughter trip with my mom. I have a feeling it’ll be the reset that I need because for me, home isn’t a place, it’s people.

As always; Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE YOU 💜

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