Overcoming Shitty Mental Health Days

Let me just tell ya’ll, it’s 8AM and today has already been shitty. I woke up at 4am and was very anxious to be flying without my boyfriend. I legit shed tears because I was so anxious. I was excited to head out with my mom for our mother-daughter weekend trip though. We got on the road to head to airport, and were making great time. (I know what’s so bad about that, right? Wait for it..)

We’re on the shuttle to the airport, I pull up the tickets and guess what??? I’M GOING TO THE WRONG FUCKING AIRPORT! I felt like I wanted to cry, faint, and puke. We’re walking through the airport & I’m googling how far it is to the airport I need to be at. Stressed was an understatement. Thank goodness for the nice lady who helped us figure it out.

So I order an Uber for us. Well, signals got crossed & we couldn’t find him. It took two laps around the airport and two phone calls for us to find him. It took us 45 minutes to get to the airport we need to be at.

I have cried, felt anxious, felt like a failure and incompetent, and wanted to completely shutdown all before 9AM today. I have exhausted myself already.

Therapy (and just being self-aware) has taught me several things and these next few are vital for me on my bad mental health days:

  1. It may be a bad day or a bad moment, but it’s not a bad life. You have to stop and breathe. Take some time to center yourself and silence your thoughts. Just focus on your breaths.
  2. You can restart your day at any moment. Things happen to everyone at any and every given second. You can either let the negativity weigh you down or you can choose not to react. Happiness is a mindset.
  3. Know your limits. Sometimes you need to call out of work and stay in bed all day, other days you just need to say a quick prayer and keep it pushing.

Today is a day that I just need to pray & push. Yes, this morning has been rough..but I made it to the correct airport with plenty of time to spare. My God is great I tell y’all!

Until next time; Be You. Do You. Love You 💜

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