Fight or Flight? Take Your Pick

It’s been about a week since my last post and if I’m being completely honest, I really didn’t feel like writing tonight but here I am.. I’m still pushing along and I’m damn proud of myself for doing so. The last two weeks I had such a dark cloud over me. I didn’t want to […]

The Rebirth Pt2

Poetry was an outlet for me at a young age. I started writing around age 9. Check out my last post to see what led up to me writing this one. (Really, click and read people!) that you’ve familiarized yourself, let’s jump right in! I read something a while ago that said, “When […]

The Rebirth

I’m being reborn without a baptism. Rediscovering what self-love is. Rebuilding my foundation in a new location. Honestly, I hated myself. I wasn’t happy, Never smiled. Always crying. Debated on killing myself. It was a dark place. Black as the midnight hour. I didn’t know it then, But I was going to blossom into a […]

Follow Your Own Advice

Think about how often you’re giving out advice to people. Most of us go through a lot of the same situations but under different circumstances. You have friends, siblings, co-workers that will ask your opinion on a situation from time to time. How many of us actually follow the advice we’ve given to others? Now, […]