The Rebirth

I’m being reborn without a baptism.

Rediscovering what self-love is.

Rebuilding my foundation in a new location.

Honestly, I hated myself.

I wasn’t happy,

Never smiled.

Always crying.

Debated on killing myself.

It was a dark place.

Black as the midnight hour.

I didn’t know it then,

But I was going to blossom into a beautiful new flower.

Thought the Devil was burying me,

But it was God who was replanting me.

Guess I outgrew my old pot.

Saw my momma do this a million times.

The idea of it happening to my life, I never thought.

I gave the Devil too much credit.

Thought it was him bringing me down.

But God!

He just wanted my heart to be re-found..

In Him & His glory.

So I could tell the world my story.

I thought I was lost but God was just redirecting my steps.

I hope for someone going through darkness, that reading this helps.

In life, no one ever said it’d be easy.

Thank Him for the good & bad.

Things only last for a season.

But love..

That’s eternal.

& it’s a beautiful reason..

To keep going.

To keep praying.

To keep believing.

To keep trusting.

You’ll make it through.

It may seem you’re stuck forever,

But God is just using you..

With a pure heart, you’ll be reborn from the darkness.

More appreciative of the light than ever before.

You’ll truly understand that for every closed one, there’s another open door.

The very essence of your life, will be worth so much more.

From the darkest alley in your life, you’ll emerge reborn.

Written 1/18/16

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