The Worst Day of My Life

Hey ya’ll ! Hope you all are indulging in positive energy. If not, I’m sending some your way! Today’s post isn’t going to be like the others, so if  you’re looking for some inspiration today I can’t promise that you’ll find it here. I can promise though that I’m going to tell you a story […]

Who I Post To Be

Hey friends! Hope you are all full of light and love currently. I wanted to check in and share a couple things with ya’ll. I’ve been having a lot of conversations with friends lately (I’m still forcing myself to get back to my extrovert ways). In a two conversations with longtime friends they both mentioned […]

Always Look For The Sun.

You ever have those days where your emotions are triggered and they literally flow from you like a raging river? Same. Today is one of those days for me. A year ago today I posted this: I just happened to open Facebook while I was sitting traffic. (Don’t judge. I was stopped.) This was the […]

You Can Spark A Movement

“If you can spark a conversation, you can spark a movement.” Someone said that to me in a recently and it really struck a chord. It forced me to ask myself two important questions: What conversation do I want to have with the masses? What movement do I want it to lead to? You see, […]

Silence Your Mind & Soothe Your Spirit

I don’t know about you, but my mind is ALWAYS on overload. I feel like there’s a mini version of The Flash in my brain that bounces from thought to thought in hyper-speed. It’s exhausting! After my miscarriage it seemed like the mini superhero in my head was in overdrive. Between all the what-if’s and […]

Gratitude + Greatness

First post of the decade!! Are you ready for it? Are you ready for me? *clears throat* Ladies & gents, if you recall, I gave you guys a run down of a couple things I was personally going to do in preparation for this new decade in my previous post. I did all 5 of […]