Future Son

Future son, If you’re old enough to read this, Then it’s about that time in life when you need to hear this. I fear for your life just as much as I prayed for it. Anxiety consumes me when you walk out the house. This world doesn’t love you but I do son, so don’t […]

Dear Black Man

Okay, so this post comes at a perfect time since it’s Black History Month ✊🏽 I came across these two posts on Facebook this week: I have several thoughts about both but they all come down to this; men in general are not allowed to be vulnerable without being seen as “weak”, but in my […]

Be Kind To Yourself

Hey y’all! I planned on writing after work today, but here I am at 1:15AM with my phone in hand and a word on heart, post-anxiety episode. Anxiety isn’t something I’ve dealt with my entire life. It actually introduced itself gradually during my college years and kind of made a home in a compartment of […]

Your Language Of Love

Hey there friends!! As I’ve shared before, I have a boyfriend. We’ve officially been together a little over 5years now. If you’ve never been in a long-term relationship (or a relationship period), I’m going to thank you in advance for coming to my Ted Talk today. If you’ve had a long-term partner, I’m sure most […]

Reset To Factory Settings

Let’s be honest, sometimes life sucks ass and we feel completely defeated. If you’ve never experienced this feeling, I pray you’ll never have to. For those of us who have though, hopefully you’ve learned how to reset yourself. I’ve honestly been really down and out for the past week and a half. I haven’t slept […]