Reset To Factory Settings

Let’s be honest, sometimes life sucks ass and we feel completely defeated. If you’ve never experienced this feeling, I pray you’ll never have to. For those of us who have though, hopefully you’ve learned how to reset yourself.

I’ve honestly been really down and out for the past week and a half. I haven’t slept much, my appetite has been off, and I’ve been so scattered-brained. I knew why (you can find out here) but I also knew I needed to pull myself out of it soon. I needed to reset myself to my factory settings; to the version of myself that I normally am when sadness hasn’t consumed me.

Everyone has there own ways of resetting and it’s important that you figure out exactly what way works best for you. If you’re unaware of how to do so yet, don’t worry! I’m going to share my reset steps with you so you can have an idea of how to try it for yourself. That’s what friends are for! So here you go:

  • Allow yourself to feel every emotion. I’m one of those people that will either feel everything or nothing at all. There’s no in between for me and truthfully it kind of sucks because I wish I knew how to deal with shit in small doses so I didn’t let my emotions take over.
  • Process every emotion that you’re feeling. This is an important step so read my words carefully, okay?! Just because you are feeling an emotion, does NOT mean you are processing the feeling. If you feel sad, cry it out! Angry? Scream as loud as you can! Confused? Talk it out with someone you trust (even if the person you trust is yourself). You’ve gotta learn to handle your shit!
  • Do something you enjoy. Go see a movie. Go for a drive. Take yourself out to eat at your favorite place. Be your own dose of good company.
  • Sleep. I know, I mention sleep a lot in my “tips & tricks” I give ya’ll but it really is important. For me personally, I sleep terribly when I’m sad or anxious. All this week I was getting 5hrs of sleep or less each night. That might be enough to sustain some folks not this girl! I need at least 7hrs each night so I don’t feel like a walking zombie the next day. So you know I spent my Saturday? In bed pretty much all day. I made myself breakfast around 11AM, got back into bed, and slept from 3PM until about 7PM.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and forget about it. This is another big deal for me. My phone is set to automatically go on DND every day from 11PM until 7AM. I firmly believe that the outside world should not have 100% access to you 100% of the time. I see it like this: if you make yourself 100% accessible to everyone ALL THE TIME, when do you truly have time for yourself? When can you have an uninterrupted thought? When can you do the things you enjoy without putting yourself on the back-burner to listen to/ help/ talk to everyone else? When can you turn off the outside world and give your spouse or your kids the undivided attention they’re craving for? You can’t. So silence your damn phone!

So that’s how I reset myself this weekend. Sometimes it takes more than plugging yourself in to recharge your battery. Sometimes we just need to be reset so we can tackle everything with a new outlook.


Until next time; Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE YOU💜

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