Dear Black Man

Okay, so this post comes at a perfect time since it’s Black History Month ✊🏽

I came across these two posts on Facebook this week:

I have several thoughts about both but they all come down to this; men in general are not allowed to be vulnerable without being seen as “weak”, but in my view of the world as an AfroLatina woman, the black man experiences that judgement the most.

In my experience of loving the black man, I have come to the conclusion that they are loved the least but need it the most. They are exploited daily. A majority are taught that being strong is the only important characteristic to have. Yes, strength is important, but so is vulnerability.

Attention Black Man!!! There is a strength is knowing that you can lay down your shield. It’s okay to seek refuge in someone you love. You are loved. You are appreciated. You are worthy of finding someone who will help you carry the weight of the world on those days that seem as though they’ll break your spirit. There is strength in you showing weakness. Don’t be so strong that you’re incapable of being loved and nurtured the way you need to be. The world may (or may not) only love what you look like, but there are people like me who love who you are! You are resilient but know that you’re allowed to get tired. You’re allowed to regroup whenever you need to.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I have a secret: As much as I love the black man, I’m petrified to have a son. I’m petrified because I know that the world has been conditioned to be afraid of my future son. Regardless of how scared I am though, I secretly pray for a son so that I can love and nurture him in a way that so many are lacking. I want to raise a son who grows into a man that projects as much love into the world as was given to him.

Here’s my Black History Month challenge for you, spend the next 10 days uplifting black men. It could be a different man each day or the same man. Tell them you’re proud of them. Tell them you see that they’re trying. Tell them you appreciate their efforts. Tell them you’re proud of how far they’ve come. Tell them you love them!!!

Until next time; Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE YOU 💜

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