Fresh Air

Hey friends!! I know it’s been a couple weeks but I honestly have just been trying to get out of my own head.

If you aren’t living under a rock like Patrick, then I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Coronavirus AKA Covid-19. If you don’t, google it because I’m not reaching out to update you on it… I’m reaching out to find out if you’re okay. So, are you? If not, keep reading so I can tell you how I turned my anxious thoughts around.

I was doing pretty okay until about a week ago. I was checking in on friends & old co-workers to make sure they were handling their quarantine okay. I wasn’t worried, I was constantly praying for covering, I was happy.

Then I got into my own head.

I started thinking about my two siblings who are asthmatic, specifically my sister who works at the local hospital. I started thinking about my goddaughter who has had a severe struggle with her asthma pretty much since birth. I started to worry. I started to feel anxious.

Then my Governor ordered all non-essential businesses to close for the next 30 days. My anxiety intensified. I began to think about my boyfriend who has two small businesses, and countless other small business owners that I know. How will they make ends meet?

After a solid two days of horrible sleep & anxious thoughts, I felt smothered. I came home from work, exercised, and went outside. It was a little chilly because the rain had finally let up. Everything (aside from my hyper fur-baby) seemed to be still, just for a moment… and then I inhaled. I stood there, closed my eyes, and inhaled a few more times. (Good thing I live in the country because someone probably would’ve thought I was crazy.)

I felt better. Less anxious.

Fresh air, that’s all I needed. I had gotten so caught up in the repetitive cycle of going to work and coming home. The sun hadn’t been out much so I didn’t even think about spending time outside… but it’s clear that I needed to.

So my suggestion is: GO OUTSIDE!!!

Sit on your porch for a little. Sit in your car with the windows down before you go in the house. Working from home? Set up your workstation by a window & leave it open a little. Go for a drive (gas is cheap right now ya’ll). Try to make it a point to spend at least 15-30min outside each day. I can’t promise it’ll fix everything (or anything) but I can promise that it’s worth a try. Just take a moment to stop and breathe in some fresh air each day.

Remember you can either look for the rainbow after the storm, or try to find one during it.

Until next time; Be You. Do You. LOVE YOU💜

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