Birthdays and Goals

I’m THIRTY!!! 3 whole decades.. I honestly can’t believe it! There are many words to describe how I feel but to sum it up into one: BLESSED. Let me tell you why.. The last 366 days have been a rollercoaster of emotions that led to continuous growth. I think back to my last birthday and […]

Manifesting Greatness

Friends!! Y’all feeling alright out there? I hope so, because I’ve got some important shit to say today! Have you ever gotten into a space where you feel like the Energizer Bunny? You know, like you’re fully recharged?! Well that’s me currently. I’m not sure if any of you follow B.Simone but she’s one of […]

Love you, Mean it!

It’s a new week y’all! The weather is great and I’m feeling creative so let’s jump in shall we 😎 I came across this post: It made me do some serious reflection. (Especially being a week from turning thirty.) After all the dark days and seasons of depression I’ve overcome, I never stopped to think […]

Take Time To Blossom

Hey friends!!! Happy weekend 875 of quarantine!! Hope this finds you with clean hands and a clean ass since there’s never any toilet paper in the stores. Now, let’s get straight to business shall we?! Lately I had been feeling a little discouraged about blogging honestly. I felt like since I stopped writing about my […]