Still Beauty

Hey y’all!!

So it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve dropped some new content. Honestly, I tried writing last week but I just wasn’t feeling it. I started a few pieces but never got around to finishing them. My heart just wasn’t in it.

These last two weeks I’ve been quiet. I’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine.. listening to the breeze flow through the trees, the rain hit the tin roof over our shed, the bees building their new homes… I’ve basically just been sitting on my porch like an old lady.

At first I felt disappointed in myself for not dropping last week but then I came across this picture I took about three weeks ago:

I made me realize, there’s beauty in being still.

If this butterfly didn’t stop to rest on our flower bush, I would’ve never gotten this shot. Think about it, we’re conditioned to constantly be in “go mode”. There’s always a birthday party, work functions, date nights, sleepovers, and whatever else we’re always feeling obligated to appear at because we were invited. (We should probably learn to say no more but that’s a topic for another day.)

Stillness, while seen as a punishment as a child, becomes rewarding as an adult. Now it’s not always rewarding for adults because some of us stay on go just so we aren’t forced to face our demons / trauma head on, but trust me, the time will come when even they are required to be still.

I feel like in today’s society being still is seen as an equivalent to laziness, but some of the most beautiful things can come from just turning everything (including yourself) off for a little while. For me, it often brings clarity. Dealing with depressive and / or anxious thoughts can be exhausting but taking the time out to purposely be still and just breathe… there’s some real power in that.

When’s the last time you were still?

Don’t know? Well do me a favor, at some point today find a quiet(ish) place and just be still for 10-15 minutes. Sit in silence with your eyes closed and just breathe. Try to do this once a day for the next seven days and see if it helps you as much as it helps me.

Sometimes, I find myself wandering to childhood memories. Other times, I’m envisioning my future, or coming up with some great ideas. There are even times when I just cry in silence. I always feel refreshed afterwards though. Hopefully you will too.

Remember, you have to make yourself a priority too! Prioritize your peace.

Until next time: Be You. Do You. LOVE YOUšŸ’œ

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