Institutionalized Love

You left your heart inside those walls, but she needs you to do more than just penetrate hers. Love is lost between your lips and her heart. Saying you love her has fallen on deaf ears because your actions are inconsistent… But she’s persistent. She wants to love you through it all but she’s getting […]

Moments Frozen In Time

I have a love/hate relationship with taking pictures. Loved it when I was younger, hated it when I was going through depression and when I had gained about 35lbs, now I kind of love it again. I’ve come to realize that people tend to down others for always posting selfies or posting a lot of […]

Love You Once, Love You Always

Hey friends!! Hope you’re all still making the best of each day. If not, I’m sending lots of light and love your way. Speaking of love, let’s jump right in to today’s topic. In one of my last post I said, “..if I’ve ever said I love you, I meant that shit and I’m always […]