Moments Frozen In Time

I have a love/hate relationship with taking pictures. Loved it when I was younger, hated it when I was going through depression and when I had gained about 35lbs, now I kind of love it again.

I’ve come to realize that people tend to down others for always posting selfies or posting a lot of pictures period. They’re either told that they’re conceited or don’t have enough self-esteem or attention-whores. Oh! My favorite is that they’re too ugly to be taking so many selfies.

Honestly, I use to be skeptical of how many selfies I posted because I was afraid that people would think those things about me. I was scared of being judged by other women because honestly, most people think I’m a teenager. I’m small in physique, I don’t really wear makeup (no shade to those that do. I’m just not good at applying it.), and I have a tiny voice. Strangers never believe me when I tell them I’m thirty.

Over the years though, I stopped giving a shit. I’ve decided that I’m going to take pictures whenever feel like it and I’ll post as many pictures as I want. You’re going to get all these bushy quarantine brows, this fupa, these unruly curls & unlaid edges, and unpainted baby fingers and toes.

You’re also going to get these bomb twist-outs, these fly outfits, these pearly whites, these blackarican curls pressed out (and still this fupa!). I’m going to document it all baby!!!

Not only am I taking pictures of myself, I’m also taking people of the people and places I love. My man & my parents hate taking pictures so I usually have to sneak them. My niece & bonus daughter love them, so we have little photo shoots from time to time.

Pictures are moments frozen in time that you can pass down for generations.

They can cause you to remember something that was buried in your internal index. I sometimes sit on my bed & go through my photo albums, just to feel the warmth from some of my loved ones who are no longer here or to reminisce on good times I had with people that may or may not still be a part of my life.


Take the picture. Post it on your social media. Print it out. Get it blown up onto a canvas and hang it up. Live your life! Take all the selfies / pictures / videos you want! Some day they’ll be the only physical things you have left to remember. So here’s to documenting cherished moments & not giving a damn what other people think!

Until next time; Be YOU. Do YOU. LOVE YOU💜

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