Institutionalized Love

You left your heart inside those walls, but she needs you to do more than just penetrate hers.

Love is lost between your lips and her heart.

Saying you love her has fallen on deaf ears because your actions are inconsistent…

But she’s persistent.

She wants to love you through it all but she’s getting tired.

Coming from a home were her mother loved her father through an impenetrable wall, this love language is familiar.

The first man she ever loved taught it to her.

Her letters became perfect depictions of love without limits.

Now her actions do the same.

She’s learning how to force the men she loves to stop:

Stop holding on to the judgments they were given..

Stop holding on to past mistakes they’ve made..

Stop holding on to the idea that their indiscretions somehow define their character.

She’s learning how to force them to start:

Start accomplishing goals.

Start healing from what hurt them.

Start loving without the limitations of keeping their heart behind the barbwire fence.

Your heart desires the soul-flaming love she’s trying to give.

Your body is quietly screaming for her supple kiss on your lips that can defrost the coldest of veins.

But your most vital organ was frozen in time when you were serving your time.

The one who was suppose to keep you warm through letters and calls, failed her mission.

So now this new one, she’s missing..

Missing out on the full potential your capable of because you left your heart inside those walls..

But she needs more than just you being able to fit inside hers.

Don’t become a prisoner again, but become a student..

Let her be your advisor at the institution of love and actively participate.

Use all your senses.

Touch the soft caramel that is her skin.

Gaze into her perfect white cloud smile and get lost.

Listen closely to the melodic tones of her voice as they glide across the air.

Inhale her scent that has become home to you.

Taste her kiss that lingers hours after she’s gone and always leaves you wanting more.

You’ve been released from your prior institution.

It’s time you register up for her classes.

Show her how deep you can really go.

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