Silence Your Mind & Soothe Your Spirit

I don’t know about you, but my mind is ALWAYS on overload. I feel like there’s a mini version of The Flash in my brain that bounces from thought to thought in hyper-speed. It’s exhausting! After my miscarriage it seemed like the mini superhero in my head was in overdrive. Between all the what-if’s and […]

Gratitude + Greatness

First post of the decade!! Are you ready for it? Are you ready for me? *clears throat* Ladies & gents, if you recall, I gave you guys a run down of a couple things I was personally going to do in preparation for this new decade in my previous post. I did all 5 of […]

Holidays: Enjoying or Surviving

Hey guys! Quick check in before the end of the decade.. I can’t believe how fast the end of this year snuck up on ius. It’s odd because I feel like this was the LONGEST year of my life ya’ll!! So much loss and depression, but ya girl made it through! I know it’s been […]