Future Son

Future son,

If you’re old enough to read this,

Then it’s about that time in life when you need to hear this.

I fear for your life just as much as I prayed for it.

Anxiety consumes me when you walk out the house.

This world doesn’t love you but I do son, so don’t you ever doubt.

I pray for you and your father always.

Asking God each day,

Just let my husband and my baby get home safe.

Son, you are magnificent.

But the harsh reality of your life, is that the world will crucify you for anything you don’t do right.

More so than anyone else.

I want you to know that I’d die just to give you a fighting chance.

I’d protest and protect.

Your life is priceless.

You are going to be an incredible BLACK man!

And I’m going to do everything that I can,

To make sure you come home each night.

Remember the phrase you’ve been taught,

“Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real”, alright.

You are real and you are worthy.

You are favored by God so you need not things that are worldly.

You are royalty.

You are extraordinary.

Future son,

I’ll try my best to keep you safe.

I’ll continually pray against the hatred you’ll have to face.

I’ll pray you won’t get gunned down while buying tea & candy.

I’ll pray I’ll never have to tell the world “say his name!”

I’ll pray the color of your skin won’t make people uncomfortable or second guess your character,

But I know that it will.

You are destined for greatness and I pray your story doesn’t get cut short.


I know you’re young,

But I pray you’ll understand:

You have the potential to be targeted because you are a black man.

People will say they don’t see color,

But that strips you of your identity.

They must see your beautiful brown sugar skin.

The must acknowledge it in order to begin..

To begin to see the problem.

To begin to understand your burden.

Do not accept that they “don’t see color”.

Do not allow them to erase the past of your ancestors.

Son, promise me you’ll strive to be everything I know you can.

You’re going to grow into such an amazing BLACK man!

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